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Secure Email Provider: ProtonMail

Why ProtonMail?

1. No advertisers / No governments / No 3-rd parties.
- Only you have access to your inbox
- With ProtonMail, you can ensure private communications stay private
2. Designed for Productivity
- Our next generation inbox is designed to help you work faster
- while also being a pleasure to use.
- Every detail from toolbar layout to button placement, is optimized
- to help you better read, organize, and send email.
3. Expiring Emails
- Make your emails disappear when you want them to.
- You control who has permission to read your emails.
4. Anonymity
- No email or phone number required to create your account.
- No IP logs which can be tied to your username.
- We respect your right to privacy.
5. Swiss Security
- In addition to automatic end-to-end encryption,
- we provide maximum physical security for your data.
- ProtonMail is hosted in a former military command center
- deep inside the Swiss alps.
6. The Future of Email
- Encrypted communications is the future.
- Get a sneak peak at what the next generation of email looks like today
7. Storage
- We provide a default storage space of 500MB (1/2 GB) per account
- This is free storage that provides anyone in the world access to a zero-knowledge email service.
- If you have used it all, please let us know and we will work to ensure you have what you need.
- In the future we will provide as much space as you desire, as a premium option.

Bonus - Andy Yen: Think your email's private? Think again

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