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40 travel tips

For planning your trip…

Use an Incognito Window to book flights

- You know how you check the price of a flight,
- then go back a day later — and the price has gone up?
- That seems to happen less often if you use the Incognito function in Chrome
- also use Kayak (http://www.kayak.com), because it gives you advice on whether to book your ticket or wait for a better price

Try Airfarewatchdog.com

- You put in a destination, and get emails with updates on fares,
- so you know when there are deals 50% down

Consider a stop in Iceland

. try Icelandair, because they let you do a layover in Iceland for up to 7 days for free
- Reykjavík sounds cool

Do your research

- Google Map the place you are going, to see the streets.
- Then switch to Earth view, so you can look at the topography, understand nearby towns and
- see if there are any blue spots that might be secluded beaches.
- also see, if "National Geographic", "Outside" or "The New York Times Travel" has written anything about the place
- and jot down all the stuff you want to do.
- If it’s a city, also see if Anthony Bourdain has eaten anything cool there

Crowdsource suggestions

- Sitting down for 2 hours to figure out what you want to do really can improve your trip 30 to 40%
- If you’re too busy, post on Facebook asking about things to do and places to eat.
- Everyone loves to recommend their favorites

Follow local Instagrammers

- Check out what they photograph
- The locations are often geotagged, and can give you really interesting ideas you wouldn’t find in a guidebook

There are good and bad hotel rooms

- Research your hotel on TripAdvisor (http://www.tripadvisor.com) to see which rooms people prefer, and request that room
- Don’t speak to a reservations office that might be in a call center
- always ask for the front desk
- trick: if the operator asks if you're calling about a reservation
- say: ‘No, I have a question for the front desk’

New town?

- Plan for one night in a known spot, then keep your options open
- book the first night’s stay ahead of time, but keep things open from there
- When arrive, walk all over and find a local spot to move to
- This works best when you’re traveling off-season

Get Global Entry clearance
, if you travel a lot
- Global Entry (http://www.cbp.gov/global-entry/about) program needs you to sign up
- It’s like TSA PreCheck (https://www.tsa.gov/tsa-precheck) for international travelers
- Instead of standing in line for a customs officer after an international flight,
- you use an ATM-like machine to process re-entry into the United States
- It takes your photo, scans your fingerprints and prints a receipt in minutes
- and you don’t have to fill out those little declaration cards on the plane
- The program has a lengthy application process, but membership lasts 5 years
- It works for international flights and grants TSA PreCheck status for domestic flights
- It’s only $15 more than TSA PreCheck

Organize your itinerary

- TripIt (https://www.tripit.com) is a must
- You send all your confirmation emails in
- and it creates one well-organized trip itinerary
- and alerts you, if flights are delayed or gates are changed

Research local transportation before you go

- You can never be sure, if you’ll have the Internet on your trip
- so, research this ahead of time
- use Lonely Planet’s Thorn Tree (https://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree) forum for transit tips
- but you can also just type in ‘how to get from X to Y’ in Google
- Sometimes you’ll end up with a bus or train schedule, or
- sometimes you’ll land on some blog post that tells you to grab the van at the corner of the market and wait until it’s full
- Either way, write down the names of the companies that operate the transportation
- along with a few sentences in the native language on how to ask for directions

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