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подарок человеку, у которого есть всё (кроме класса) - серебряный анус

Behold the solid silver anus!

- The “WTF” section (http://www.firebox.com/wtf) of unusual UK online gift shop "Firebox", contains many strange things
- Like a $46,000 floating hot tub (called the “Hot Tug”), and
- the most expensive vacuum cleaner in the world, that retails for over $1.2 million dollars
- These items pale in comparison to the “WTF” that is Firebox’s solid silver anus (http://www.firebox.com/product/7131/Solid-Silver-Anus)

Billed as the “perfect gift for your tightest squeeze”

- only 100 of these luxurious impressions were made
- Crafted from 55 grams of silver and
- then bleached (because that was your next question, right?),
- Firebox credits the long, difficult casting process (that an actual human went through)
- that produced the seamless appearance of their silver anus.

It may also be important to note that it’s unclear

- if the silver anus, cast from the muscle that controls the exit door in your ass (or entrance, I don’t judge),
- belonged to a man or woman.
- While I’m no anatomy expert, it appears that it is likely the impression was obtained from a woman
- So take that into account, as well as the $774.29 asking price
- if you’re thinking of picking one up

At the very least, Firebox certainly lives up to their motto

- that states: the things that they sell are in fact
- “Not for Everyone”

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