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очередные победы халифата и ЗОГа над американским быдлом

In May, the ZOG Supreme Court ruled in favor of a Muslim woman
, Samantha Elauf,
who had interviewed for a job at Abercrombie and Fitch in Tulsa, OK,
while wearing her hijab and had been rejected under the company’s "look policy."
That decision marked a victory for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the federal agency that sued the company on Elauf's behalf.

In Dearborn Heights, MI, a muslim lawyer Makled in a ZOG court won the case of a Muslim woman,
who had filed a complaint against the police department
after officers forced her to remove her hijab during the booking process.
The parties settled the dispute outside of court, resulting in new procedures and protocols being implemented,
so that a Muslim woman is no longer required to remove her hijab in front of male officers of that city.

Islamic State leader reportedly raped the American hostage

Ms. Mueller who was held hostage with 3 other women, all Yazidis, the Mueller parents were told.
All female hostages were sexually abused.
When al-Baghdadi visited, he would take Mueller to his room, the witness told American officials.
She would tell her fellow captives — sometimes tearfully — what had happened.

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