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Don't like Windows 10? Here's how to get rid of it

How to remove the pre downloaded windows 10 files
Delete C:\$windows.~bt & C:\$windows.~ws.
They're hidden folders so you'll need to enable showing them in explorer, or delete them from command prompt.
-- https://www.reddit.com/r/techsupport/comments/3gflbl/how_to_remove_the_pre_downloaded_windows_10_files/

Destroy Windows 10 Spying 1.4.3:
-- http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/destroy_windows_10_spying.html
-- https://meduza.io/cards/kak-spastis-ot-slezhki-windows-10-eto-prosto
How to remove “Download Windows 10” icon on Windows 7 System Tray?
The file that runs this is: "C:\Windows\system32\GWX\GWX.exe"
Should I nuke the whole folder? The contents of it:

I managed to solve it (getting rid of the system tray icon) by renaming this folder from:
C:\Windows\system32\GWX to C:\Windows\system32\MicrosoftYouShadyBastards & rebooting.
Which seems to work fine, "Process Hacker" doesn't show anything weird running.
-- http://superuser.com/questions/922097/how-to-remove-download-windows-10-icon-on-windows-7-system-tray-official-adw
Don't like Windows 10? Here's how to get rid of it:
1. How the Windows 10 upgrade works
When you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8, your existing Windows installation is saved, rather than deleted.
Those old files then stay on your PC for a month (unless you delete them manually),
after which Windows 10 assumes that you’re happy with the way it works and deletes the files to free up several gigabytes of hard drive space.
These files are also used to restore your previous version of Windows, if you want to uninstall Windows 10.
2. Check if you can uninstall Windows 10
go to Start > Settings > Update & security, and then select Recovery in the left of the window.
3. Start the uninstallation
Look in the right of the window and you should see an option for Go back to Windows 7 or 8.
Click the Get started button below to begin the uninstallation process
4. Wait while the uninstallation completes
Uninstallation will take a while and Windows 10 will ask why you’re removing it. After a couple of warnings, your PC will restart and Windows 10 will be uninstalled. This can take anything up to an hour, depending on your PC, but there’s nothing you need to do while it’s in progress.
5. Check everything is still working
When Windows 10 has been removed, you’ll be back at the Windows 7 or 8 Desktop.
It’s worth checking that everything is working normally at this stage and that your important files are intact.
You will also need to reinstall any software, which you have installed under Windows 10.
-- https://home.bt.com/tech-gadgets/computing/dont-like-windows-10-heres-how-to-get-rid-of-it-11363996318375
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