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what most investors don’t know

Most Americans are so ignorant of money, especially of gold and silver, they have no clue

- They hear the barrage of Establishment blarney cannons bombarding gold and silver
- “barbarous relic,” “pays no interest or dividend,” “only for hoarders,” “nutty gold bugs” — and are bewildered.
- They are deceived, but not by accident, and periodically punished,
- if they get out of line, think for themselves, and invest in silver and gold.

Sound paranoid?

- Only if you don’t know the history.
- Over the last few years we’ve seen numerous raids on the precious metals markets,
- all staged to keep people from fleeing the dollar.
- It’s nothing new. They staged the same kinds of attacks all through 1975 and 1976.
- I know, because I was there.

The finest propaganda fiat money can buy
- Anyone who remembers those days will recall the massive propaganda campaign against gold from 1975 to 1979.
- The 1975-1976 tumble unfolded as gold’s biggest correction of the 1960-1980 gold market.
- But after the August 1976 low of $102.90, gold reached $850 in January 1980
- 3 years and 4 months later — a price 8.5 times its August 1976 low.
- From the August 1976 low at $4.15 silver rose over 12 times to peak at $50.
- During that time, all the media from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal were busy
- trashing gold and silver
- until, of course, they hit those highs.
- No surprise. Mainstream thinkers are always late to the party.

What’s the takeaway? Be careful whose voice you listen to.

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