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Legacy Writing: How It Benefits You And Your Loved Ones

Legacies are the footprints we leave behind after we die

- They prove that we were here:
- we lived,
- we created,
- we mattered,
- we made a difference.

We can leave tangible legacies, such as
- children,
- artwork, crafts, poetry,
- heirlooms, or
- gardens.

We can also leave legacies that are financial, such as
- endowments,
- philanthropic gifts,
- even corporations.

But most legacies are the fruits of a life well lived. They're found in
- every tree we've saved by buying recycled paper,
- every friend we've cheered with our jokes and laughter, and
- every stranger to whom we've shown kindness.

Unless you document your unique legacy

- one day your stories and values will be lost forever,
- buried in the dust of history.

When you put your values into words

- you not only deepen your authentic identity &
- preserve your legacy, but
- you offer a special gift to loved ones:
- your spiritual-ethical will.

A spiritual-ethical will is a record of who you are

- a gift to yourself in the present & to the future,
- which can be offered to loved ones, while you're still alive.
- It is a way for you to:
--- articulate your values,
--- impart your wisdom,
--- share your stories,
--- bless your loved ones, &
--- express how you hope to be remembered.

One day your descendants will

- hold this document in their hands & know
--- who you were,
--- how you lived &
--- what you contributed to the world.
- This may be the most important writing you will ever do!

Learn more about Legacy Writing, Legacy Expert Rachael Freed, and see her "Tips & Tools Annual":
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