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1% of population own half of world’s wealth

The Oxfam International report found that:
- the wealth of the poorer half of the world’s population has dropped by 41%, to €1.6 trillion, since 2010
- 62 richest individuals own same as poorest 50% of world population

- ever more elaborate system of tax havens is playing role in the deepening divide
- wars and mayhem all over is no longer lucrative for the fighting nations but for the super rich only
- new and expansive forms of slavery emerged
- rampant lack of education or expensive useless education (as we see in USA and Canada)
- fierce legal & media battles raging to destroy the middle class
- obliteration of the role of family from any modernized society
- meanwhile the super rich maintain strong family unions and most strict family structure in place
- while encouraging the masses to be individuals and shun their families


Bonus - социо-экономическое коллективное бессознательное: http://spectat.livejournal.com/725592.html
Tags: бедность, богатство, кризис, общество, раб, социолухия, справедливость, экономика

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