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Teen students in UK given 25 gender options

The UK is giving school children a diverse array of 25 options,
when it comes to identifying themselves on a government-sponsored gender survey, which includes:
- “tri-gender”
- “genderqueer” &
- “in the middle of boy and girl”

The survey given to 13- to 18-year-old teens

- in Brighton, U.K.,
- was produced by the government-sponsored Children’s Commissioner for England.
- It is described by many as being bizarre and misleading, at best.

Teens were prompted to check “as many as they wanted” on the questionnaire
, which included:
- “demi-boy”
- “agender” &
- “gender fluid”, alongside the traditional options of
- “boy”
- “girl”
- “male” &
- “female”

The U.K.-based "Christian Institute"</b> argues that
- it is “totally misleading”
- for the government
- to give the new controversial terms equal weight to the traditional ones

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