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сайт http://sleepyti.me/ высчитывает оптимальные циклы сна в зависимости от времени засыпания

- One big part of waking up refreshed and comfortable, instead of aggravated is getting to bed at the right time.
- Sleepyti.me is a webapp based on our sleep cycles
- that calculates when you should fall asleep or, alternately, set your alarm.
- Enter in when you need to wake up and
- you'll get 4 best times to fall asleep.
- Note: the times are not when you should go to bed, but actually be asleep,
- so you'll need to add in however long you think it takes you to do that.
- The average person takes 14 minutes.

Sleepyti.me is similar to SleepTiming

- but is based on strictly 90 minute sleep cycles
- whereas SleepTiming lets you enter your own cycle time and
- amount of minutes you fall asleep.
- The premise is the same:
- We feel most refreshed and less groggy when we wake in between cycles,
- rather than in the middle of it.

Give it a try to see if you can time your sleep for the best rest.
Read more: http://lifehacker.com/5852145/sleeptiming-helps-you-calculate-when-you-need-to-go-to-bed-in-order-to-sleep-well

Bonus: http://www.entrain.org - http://hojja-nusreddin.livejournal.com/3329742.html

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