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The Strategy of the United States

the United States is the first and only country in the history of the world to dominate both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans

- Even the British, at the height of their naval empire and
- at a time when Japan and China were no match for their ships,
- had serious competition in the Pacific Ocean from Germany and France.
- The U.S. possesses a level of military equipment and technology unmatched by any other state,
- the scale of its power over the entire globe is unprecedented, and
- two massive oceans protect its heartland.

Obama is

- a Democrat who was elected by a coalition of
- relatively wealthy white liberals concentrated in major U.S. cities and
- minority voters

Obama has a carefully crafted image

- as all politicians do,
- but in this case his image says something about the majority of U.S. voters, who elected him.
- On the one hand, this is exactly the way wealthy American liberals enjoy traveling.
- Travel to a faraway exotic place and attempt to find not any old tourist trap
- but a place the locals like to eat.
- The advent of the smartphone means you don’t even have to know a local to find the place, just search Google.
- On the other hand, Obama exudes cosmopolitanism,
- a no less crucial part of the appeal that brought him into office twice.
- He’s sitting on a cheap blue plastic stool, in a country where the U.S. fought perhaps its most controversial war,
- blending in as if he were just a regular guy,
- trying to get some noodles after a long day’s work.

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