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"Extreme carelessness" - Iraq inquiry slams Blair over legal basis for war

A 7-year inquiry concluded on Wednesday that British Prime Minister Tony Blair:
- told U.S. President George W. Bush 8 months before the 2003 invasion of Iraq "I will be with you, whatever",
- and relied on flawed intelligence and legal advice to go to war.
- It strongly criticized Blair on a range of issues, saying
- the threat posed by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's supposed weapons of mass destruction had been over-hyped
- and the planning for the aftermath of war had been inadequate.

Blair responded

- that he had taken the decision to go to war "in good faith",
- that he still believed it was better to remove Saddam, and
- that he did not see that action as the cause of terrorism today, in the Middle East or elsewhere

The inquiry report, about 3 times the length of the Bible

- stopped short of saying the war was illegal,
- a stance that is certain to disappoint Blair's many critics.

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