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Тереза Мэй - тоже ТП (аглицкая хиля или яровая)

May has been home secretary for the past 6 years,
where she has overseen 2 bills that demand the scientifically impossible

1. Earlier this year, MPs voted the Psychoactive Substances Act into law,
- essentially banning almost anything with the potential to alter your mental state
- a definition researchers have warned is scientifically meaningless & potentially harmful

2. She is currently attempting to get the Investigatory Powers Bill through parliament
- The bill is an update to the UK’s surveillance laws &
- has been widely criticised for introducing new powers,
- such as retaining internet users’ 12-month browsing histories.
- The bill also appears to ask online service providers to reveal encrypted messages
- for which they do not have the key – a mathematical impossibility
- With May as prime minister, it seems very likely the bill will pass unhindered.

The prime minister-in-waiting’s voting record reveals her likely stance on other important issues

- May voted against:
1. plans to legalise assisted dying
2. a ban on smoking in public places, which has been shown to improve public health.
3. measures to fight climate change
4. environmental regulation for fracking in the UK.
- May voted for:
- the UK’s recent failed attempt to combat the spread of tuberculosis by culling badgers


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