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historical interest rate of the time
Mesopotamia, c 3000 BC: 20%
Babylon, Code of Hammurabi, 1772 BC: codified earlier Sumerian custom of 20%.
Persian conquest (King Cyrus takes Babylon), 539 BC: rates of 40+%.
Greece, Temple at Delos, c. 500 BC: 10%
Rome, Twelve Tables, 443 BC: 8.33%
Athens/Rome: circa the first two Punic Wars, 300-200 BC: 8%
Rome: 1 AD: 4%
Rome, under Diocletian, 300 AD: 15% (estimated)
Byzantine Empire, under Constantine, 325 AD: limit 12.5%
Byzantine Empire, Code of Justinian, 528 AD: limit 8%
Italian cities, c. 1150: 20%
Venice, 1430s: 20%
Venice, (Leonardo da Vinci paints "The Last Supper in Milan), 1490s: 6.25%
Holland, beginning of the Eighty Years' War, 1570s: 8.13%
England, 1700s: 9.92%
US, West Florida annexed by the US, 1810s: 7.64%
US, circa World War II, 1940s: 1.85%
US, Reagan administration, 1980s: 15.84%
US, Fed does not hike rates in September, 2015: 0-0.25%

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