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5 Ways to Ride the Tide of Rising Home Prices

Boom: November 2007
. The median price of existing (not new) U.S. homes hits an all-time high: $249,100.
Bust: March 2009. Home prices plummet by nearly 18%. The median price falls to $205,100 in a just over two years.
Inching back: December 2012. By fits and starts, prices crawl upward. Around 5 years after the crash, home prices finally exceed the 2007 record.
Boom: April 2016. Prices hit a new high, $320,000 — up 28% from the 2007 high.
Wobbles: May and June 2016. After peaking, home prices fall back down to $288,800 in May. Then, they move back up again, to $306,700 in June.

Here are 5 opportunities that this moment offers, depending on where you are in life:

1: Become a homeowner
2: Move up to a better home
3: Pull out cash
4: Take the money and run
5: Do nothing
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