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Ron Paul: What should we do about Crimea?

When the mainstream media discusses Crimea

- they are all lock-step: that’s the peninsula Putin annexed.
- Never do they mention that there was a referendum
- in which the vast majority of the population (who are mostly ethnic Russians) voted to join Russia
- The US media never reports on this referendum
- because it produced results that Washington doesn’t like

How arrogant it must sound to the rest of the world

- that Washington reserves the right to approve or disapprove elections thousands of miles away
- meanwhile we find out from the DNC hacked files
- that we don’t have a lot of room to criticize elections overseas

What should we do about Ukraine and Russia?

- We should stop egging Ukraine on
- we should stop subsidizing the government in Kiev
- we should stop NATO exercises on the Russian border
- we should end sanctions
- we should return to diplomacy
- we should send the policy of “regime change” to the dustbin of history
- The idea that we would be facing the prospect of World War III
- over which flag flies above a tiny finger of land that most U.S. politicians couldn’t find on a map
- is utterly ridiculous.
- When are we going to come to our senses?

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