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Trump Triumphs Because the Public Doesn’t Trust the Press

How is it that the more the press lambastes Trump, the better he does?

- A big factor is public distrust of the press.
- According to a poll this past spring, just 6% of the public trusts the media.
- In the eyes of the public, the press is too willing to sacrifice accuracy – and the public trust
- on the altar of their personal ideologies.
- This goes a long way toward explaining why the press’ visceral – and visible - loathing of Trump
- translates to increasing popular support for him.

That may have flown back when people were stuck with a handful of news sources

- that controlled the flow of information,
- but there plenty of other sources today

And that freedom of information the problem, according to some

- In the past two weeks:
1. German Chancellor Angela Merkel: "Social media makes it hard to reach some people"
2. FBI Director James Comey: "It's enormously challenging" to counter the "echo chamber"
3. Hillary Clinton: "It's harder to be heard"
- all blamed social media for their negative public perceptions

Right on cue, Google, Facebook, Twitter & others announced a coalition

- “to filter out online misinformation”

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