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30 Awesome Things to Do in Retirement

Eventually, most of us arrive at the realization: It’s now or never. The “tick tock” of life’s clock advancing grows louder until you realize that this is the moment to try things you’ve always wanted to do.
And the good news about retirement is that you finally have some time to do these things — minus a lot of the self-consciousness that may have held you back when you were younger.
We’re not talking about living on a yacht in Monaco here — stuff that is available just to the very wealthy. There are loads of fun, engaging activities and adventures that are affordable for retirees. Here are some to get the juices flowing.

1. Be a campground host
2. Help in the classroom
3. Join the Peace Corps
4. Become a schoolteacher
5. Join a chorus or choir
6. Get into the arts
7. Set up regular “dates” with your favorite kids

8. Learn to cook all over again
9. Sell your crafts on Etsy
10. Build a pocket boat
11. Drive a school bus
12. Explore your town’s history
13. Volunteer at your public library
14. Renew an old friendship
15. Rediscover spirituality

16. Move!
17. Go on a date
18. Adopt a dog
19. Learn something new

20. Become a hospice volunteer
21. Rediscover reading
22. Get a roommate
23. Try something you’ve put off
24. Learn a language
25. Usher at a theater or concert
26. Become a zoo or museum docent
27. Run away from home
28. Go back to school
29. Drive a big rig
30. Mentor a small business
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