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And Mr. Market is voting for... TRUMP!

Election Day is under a week away, but “Mr. Market” is doing some “early voting”...
It’s checking the box for Donald J. Trump.

That’s according to an 88-year-old market indicator. It’s been right in every election but three since 1928 (an 86.4% win rate). Here’s what we wrote about the indicator in the August 4 Daily...

The indicator works like this...

If the S&P 500 declines over the final 90 days before the election, the incumbent party loses the White House. If the S&P 500 gains over that time, the incumbent party wins.

So mark your calendars for next Tuesday, August 8. That’s your baseline level for the S&P 500. The move up or down from there may well predict the final outcome of the election...

On August 9, the S&P 500 closed at 2,181.74. It traded sideways for about a month before starting a protracted decline. It’s down about 3% since then...
According to the indicator, Hillary’s chances really took a turn for the worse on October 28...

That’s when the index crashed through a key support level. It looks like another leg lower (down to the 200-day moving average level) is in store by Election Day.

Bottom Line
: If the market’s correct here — and it has proven to be almost 90% of the time—look for Trump to win on November 8.

Volatility will surge when that happens. Prepare now to use any market chaos to your advantage.
(Our favorite way is to sell options for safe income (http://click2.palmbeachgroup.com/t/Bg/B5k/HY0/AATITg/AAG5Kg/AAF8ow/AQ/BPCi); so get ready, Palm Beach Income subscribers...)

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