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лейберасные мочалки не унимаюццо :)

1. Jill Stein (who?), the Green party’s presidential candidate, is prepared to request recounts of the election result in several key battleground states

- Stein launched an online fundraising page
- seeking donations toward a $2m fund
- she said was needed to request reviews of the results in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
- Stein said she was acting due to “compelling evidence of voting anomalies” and
- that data analysis had indicated “significant discrepancies in vote totals”.
- Her move came amid calls for recounts or audits of the election results by groups of "academics" and "activists"
- concerned that foreign hackers may have interfered with election systems


2. Hillary Clinton urged to call for election vote recount in battleground states

- Alleged irregularities in key states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin prompt demands for audit amid concerns over ‘foreign hackers’


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