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Америка: экономика экономна

According to research from The Rogue Economist

- there are 1.2 million fewer people working today than there were 16 years ago.
- there are now 95 million adults in the U.S. without work
- more than 110 million get some form of means-tested (that is, help designed for poor people) benefits from the feds
- 446,000 people did NOT find jobs last month and were dropped from the unemployment rolls
- because the BLS thinks they should stop looking.
- transfer payments (aka someone else’s money) equal 40% of all wage and salary income…

The facts for investors are just as bad

- in 2008 the USA had the 3-rd of several major market collapses
- almost overnight these same suffering investors were robbed of over 10 trillion dollars
- some of that money simply disappeared
- most of it flowed to the brokers and bankers and insurance peddlers on Wall Street

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