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Within 10 years (possibly much earlier) we’ll have a fully digital equivalent to the U.S. dollar

This is terrifying to me.

The War on Cash means that
- we lose private ownership of our own liquid wealth
- bank “bail-ins” — where depositors are forced to take a loss on their funds in the bank — will not be voluntary
- since without cash, you have little choice but to put your liquid wealth in the bank
- government bail-ins will not be voluntary
- When all cash is digital and under the purview of government, via the banks Uncle Sam can levy whatever tax he wants on it — at will
- That is the promised future of the War on Cash

And that means the time to prepare is now

- everyone should have chaos hedges in place
- These include a little gold and some private, decentralized “cryptocurrencies”
- like bitcoin.

Bitcoin is
- the only liquid money that’s 100% private
- Assuming you hold it offline and anonymously…
- no bank, government, or court can ever take it from you… and
- that is terrifying to governments

The genie is out of the bottle in the War on Cash

- The cashless society is coming
- But fortunately, the solution is already here:
- private cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.
- Every day, bitcoin is becoming more and more accepted as a legitimate alternative asset
- the law of inertia will do the rest
- 2017 target for bitcoin is $1,200
- (And if we see a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) launch in 2017,
- that figure will prove to be very conservative)

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