Ходжа Н. (hojja_nusreddin) wrote,
Ходжа Н.

их ндравы: штраф за прогрев собственной машины у собственного дома

Can you imagine getting ticketed for warming up your car before work or school?

- It’s happening in the state of Michigan.

The Michigan State law says
- You are in violation by leaving a vehicle unattended on any street or any other place
- without first stopping the engine, locking the ignition and removing the ignition key.

This law leaves me with far more questions than answers
1. Does any other place include my driveway and/or garage?
2. What if my doors are locked with no key in the ignition due to using remote start?
3. What is the penalty for breaking this law?

This is NOT just some old law that police do not enforce
- According to Fox 7 in Detroit,
- a Roseville man was received a $128 ticket
- for warming up his car in his OWN driveway.

What do you think? Does this law make sense?
Tags: авто, американа, кунсткамера, мичиган, стража, штраф
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