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Ходжа Н.

Donald Trump & Bobby Fisher

Bobby Fisher at the age of 14 became the youngest US chess champion in history

- A reporter asked him what he liked most about the game.
- His answer was classic: "I love to see them squirm"

I love to see the establishment squirm
- Never in my lifetime have I seen all of them squirm like this.

Trump is the victim of the most systematic campaign of media vitriol that I have ever seen

- They didn't like Barry Goldwater, but they did nothing like this
- They didn't like Ronald Reagan, but they did nothing like this
- They will not give Trump any slack at all.
- he is being tried by a court, that:
--- has the guilty verdict in its pocket
--- has proven itself to be politically impotent (delightful)
--- is suffering from that political impotence

Their political impotence means
- being cast into the outer darkness
- As Trump's parade begins, they sit on the sidelines shouting:
--- "This just isn't fair!"
- Yes, it is
--- It is also delightful!

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