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речь президента Кеннеди против "тайных обществ" (после которой они его убили)

Was JFK's comment on "secret societies" a statement against the "NWO"?

- started at 6:30
- I searched this famous quote and finally found the full unedited written transcript and audio of this speech.
- JFK was actually talking about current events of the cold war and
- how nontraditional enemies were gaining information on how the US was battling this war.
- In this speech JFK actually points out "the need for far greater "official" secrecy"...
- as well as "the need for a far greater public information".
- JFK admits "I have no easy answer to the dilemma that I have posed," but
- also states, "and would not seek to impose it, if I had one."
- This a major difference from where today's elected officials stand.

Address "The President and the Press" Before The American Newspaper Publishers Association
, 27 April 1961

- Origins of Secret Government
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KA5KB0NPTxE
- Kennedy Expose The Illuminati - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXRInjO7vrQ
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