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The Globalist War on Tramp

... the jury on Russia's involvement is still out
- It is NOT true that Lt. General Flynn (recently resigned National Security Advisor) orchestrated a Russian hacking
- to put President Trump into the White House.
- This is a liberal fantasy with virtually no basis in reality.
- For one thing, the election was not hacked, despite all the effort to claim it so.
- Yes, the Russians attempted to use their influence, including media.
- We do that too in other countries, sometimes openly.

More troubling are the hacks of Secretary Clinton and her team

- That is genuinely disturbing, as we must protect against direct cyber hacking of any American citizen.
- While it proved entertaining and more than a little creepy to see the Podesta emails on “spirit cooking”
- their exposure does not equate with hacking the election.
- Yes, the DNC (Democrat National Committee) was also hacked, and
- yes, it was exposed that the media colluded with the Clinton campaign
- (even giving questions in advance of the debates)
- and siding with Clinton over Sanders in unseemly ways.
- But this also does not equate with hacking the election.
- And, more importantly, the hacking exposed Clinton’s greatest vulnerability
- her carelessness with her own emails and national security.

The truth is that Russia preferred Trump to Clinton

- and it likely dates back to the summer of 2014.
- Don’t forget that Russia applauded Obama’s election
- certainly preferring him to Senator McCain.
- And, there was outright collusion prior to his reelection as caught on a “hot mic”
- And, there was the embarrassing “reset button” incident with Senator Clinton
- And, of course, in 2012 when Mitt Romney attempted to warn about Putin,
- President Obama made fun of him.

But just before the mid-term elections of 2014, Russia had grown weary of Obama and wanted a change

- Putin did not respect Clinton.
- And more importantly, the US appeared to be siding with a Saudi strategy designed to undermine Russia
- They saw it as an act of Economic War, when oil prices dipped below $70 per barrel
- [If you haven’t seen the movie "Jack Ryan; Shadow Recruit", be sure to rent it to see why this is so.]
- It’s important to note, that a falling oil price directly hurts Russia, as a large supplier
- But it is seen as helping China, a large oil consumer
- This issue splits the tenuous Russia/China alliance

1. Thus, the Russians were more comfortable with Trump

- while China was more comfortable with Clinton
- In addition, Russia tends to view things from a nationalist perspective
- while China is more globalist in nature
- Of course the Chinese form of globalism has them rising to the top eventually.

2. The truth is that General Flynn was in no way soft on Russia

- Read his book. In it, he urges:
- “Americans to view Russia as an implacable enemy of the US that must be checked”
- And there should be 0 doubt as to whether Defense Secretary Mattis is a Russia hawk
- VP Pence likewise made it clear, that the US will side with NATO in any dispute with Russia

3. Russia may prove very difficult regardless

- While they have taken a pragmatic approach to the U.S.
- they are also loudly proclaiming a “post West” world
- This means that they plan to challenge Western dominance whenever possible
- This may place them in direct conflict with a resurgent America under Trump
- Russia has been known historically to switch sides, when it convenience them

Keep in mind, that I have been a Russia hawk for years

- and have written extensively on the threat that Putin can pose
- For now, however, we can view Russia as mildly supportive of President Trump
- but certainly subject to change.

China, on the other hand has every reason to be concerned with Trump’s policy agenda

- It is very likely that the Chinese will ramp up efforts to be disruptive
- Funny, but the Democrats who seem all concerned about Russian influence in the last election
- were so quick to disregard Chinese influence in President Bill Clinton’s reelection
- The Chinese were caught “red-handed” (pun intended) shuffling illegal campaign money into Clinton and the DNC
- [Of course, there was also little outcry over the millions of dollars of illegal foreign money
- that likely went into Obama’s 2008 victory
- And, there were no “Logan Act violation” charges against Senator Kennedy
- when he clearly tried to get Soviet support in his Presidential bid
- Let that sink in a moment.
- We have incontrovertible proof from Soviet archives,
- that a sitting Senator (democrat) attempted to negotiate with the Soviets for election help
- in exchange for a pro-Soviet foreign policy.]

The Chinese are formidable

- And they have vast resources, including trillions of dollars at their disposal and
- some of the greatest hacker units in the world.
- they have already hacked the Office of Personnel Management
- and no doubt compromised many civil servants
- and perhaps even many highly placed in our government.
- Undermining President Trump is essential to keeping the status quo in regard to global trade.

The Mexican government may also have a strong motive to undermine much of the Trump agenda

- although they have fewer available resources than either China or Russia
- Other Latin nations likewise may also have an agenda to undermine our President

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