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Dutch Leader: "Islam is Totalitarian"

Wilders argued that Islam is NOT a religion, but actually an ideology

- that is incompatible with freedom and Western culture.
- “I believe that Islam and freedom are incompatible.
- I’m not talking about people…
- But I believe that the Islamic ideology is very dangerous…

Islam as an ideology does not allow freedom

- Look at almost all the countries in the world, where Islam is dominant
- you see a total lack:
--- of civil society,
--- of rule of law,
--- of freedom for journalists, women, Christians,
--- of freedom to leave Islam

... the proof of Islam's totalitarianism is

- that a person is not allowed to leave it
- That’s the proof of totalitarianism…
- You are allowed to leave Christianity or Judaism
- and become an atheist or the follower of another religion
- but you are not allowed to leave fascism,
- you are not allowed to leave Communism

And still today in Holland, in Germany, in the Arab and Islamic world, the penalty is death

- if you want to leave Islam…
- That kind of thinking, that kind of violence within an ideology is something that we should not import…”

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