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Mercury in vaccines may be up to 50 TIMES more toxic to the brain than mercury in fish

President Trump’s establishment of a commission to evaluate the science on vaccines

- in conjunction with the gauntlet thrown down by Robert De Niro and Robert Kennedy Jr.,
- who have offered $100,000 to anyone able to conclusively prove the safety of mercury (as thimerosal) in vaccines
- has brought the issue into the spotlight once more

Nonetheless, the vaccine industry and its mouthpiece, the CDC, continue to assert

- that it has been scientifically proven that “trace amounts” of mercury in vaccines
- in the form of thimerosal cannot cause harm.
- Their argument is that while the mercury you would find in fish (methylmercury) is very dangerous,
- the mercury in thimerosal (ethylmercury) is entirely different,
- and can safely be jabbed into your kids multiple times.

A 2013 study by scientists from the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Brazil

- published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology,
- investigated the toxicity of of ethylmercury vs. methylmercury.
- Though they stated that more research was needed into the subject
- their findings were still interesting.
- (Keep up-to-date with the latest on mercury in vaccines at Thimerosal.news)

They noted that although methylmercury is considered dangerous in even tiny amounts

- the World Health Organization (WHO) approves small doses of thimerosal in multiple vaccines
- taken repetitively during pregnancy and childhood
- With this in mind, they compared the toxicity and potential harm of both etHg (ethylmercury) and meHg (methylmercury).

Their study abstract states
- “In vitro studies comparing etHg with meHg demonstrate
- equivalent measured outcomes for cardiovascular, neural, and immune cells”
- And then it gets really interesting, because they note that since the two types of mercury have different toxicity profiles,
- in vivo testing indicated that, “in real-life scenarios, a simultaneous exposure to both etHg and meHg
- might result in enhanced neurotoxic effects in developing mammals”
[Emphasis added]

So, not only are both types of mercury equally bad, but exposure to both

- would compound their toxic effects. That means, e.g., that
- exposure to ethylmercury in a vaccine, combined with exposure to methylmercury in a tuna fish sandwich
- would result in even greater harm.

Lisa Sykes, writing for "Trace Amounts", raises some additional concerns about the mercury in vaccines

- She notes that as bad as consuming mercury in fish is,
- that mercury is passing through the body’s digestive system,
- meaning that you end up absorbing far less of it.
- On the other hand, the mercury in vaccines is injected directly into the body,
- entering the bloodstream, and from there quickly passing directly into the tissue
- The body is left defenseless against this direct attack.

Babies in their mothers’ wombs are even more vulnerable

- since mercury passes the placental barrier straight to the fetus
- The baby is therefore exposed to huge amounts of mercury at a time of critical neurological development.

Sykes also points out that unused vaccines containing thimerosal are considered hazardous waste

- and must by law be disposed of in steel drums.
- No such stipulation applies to fish, even fish with high mercury content.
- That alone indicates clearly that the mercury in vaccines is by no means harmless.

And just how much mercury is there in vaccines?

- The vaccine industry always references “trace” amounts,
- downplaying the issue to make any concerns seem trivial.
- The reality, however, as reported by TruthWiki, is that
- while fish like whitefish or tuna only contains about 250 to 500 parts per billion (ppb) of mercury
- just one flu shot contains 51,000 ppb.

The simple fact that the CDC and the vaccine industry insist that these vaccines pose “no harm”

- in spite of the clear scientific evidence to the contrary
- is a clear indication that both are involved in a massive cover-up.
- The fact is that vaccines are a $30 billion dollar a year industry,
- and those, who benefit from it, are going to do whatever they can to protect their own interests.

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97% of people making regulatory decisions about vaccines either own stock in vax companies or are financially entangled
: http://newstarget.com/2017-03-03-97-of-people-making-regulatory-decisions-about-vaccines-either-own-stock-in-vax-companies-or-are-financially-entangled.html
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