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Obama is facing Congressional Investigation over his influence on foreign elections.

“Congress is calling on Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to launch a full-scale investigation

- to determine whether the Obama administration meddled in foreign elections
- by sending U.S. taxpayer money to ‘extreme and sometimes violent’ leftists political groups.

“a group of Republican senators wrote a letter

- that disclosed alleged conversations with foreign diplomats
- claiming that the former administration’s State Department sent taxpayer funds
- to organizations, supported by George Soros and other leftist activists groups, in:
- Macedonia, Albania, Latin America, and Africa.

“The letter was reportedly authored by Republican Sens.
- Mike Lee (Utah), Jim Inhofe (Okla.), Thom Tillis (N.C.), Ted Cruz (Texas), David Perdue (Ga.), and Bill Cassidy (La.) and
- offered evidence and ‘credible reports’ suggesting political interference,
- of which the senators called ‘discouraging’ and ‘highly problematic’”


Bonus: "The US Interfered In Foreign Presidential Elections 81 Times From 1946-2000"
- http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-12-23/us-interfered-foreign-presidential-elections-81-times-1946-2000
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