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Why are Billionaires Preparing for a Major U.S. Crisis?

The list of folks who’ve established some type of escape plan or “bolt-hole” is startling...

1. Steve Huffman is the founder and CEO of Reddit… an internet firm worth at least $500 million.
- Huffman says he’s getting ready for, “the temporary collapse of our government and structures…”
2. One successful U.S. hedge fund manager moved his entire family to Singapore.
- He says the government “has no clue what they are doing. They are going to ruin us all"
3. Another hedge fund manager, billionaire Kyle Bass, built a 41,000-square foot ranch stocked with firearms and gold.
4. Peter Thiel, the billionaire founder of PayPal, paid $10 million for a second passport and a 400-acre estate in New Zealand.
5. A.G. Martínez, a former Facebook product manager, bought an island in the Pacific Northwest and stocked it with generators, solar panels, and ammunition.
- He says: “I think people who are particularly attuned to the levers by which society actually works understand that we are skating on really thin cultural ice right now.”
6. Robert Dugger, a former partner at the global hedge fund Tudor Investment Corporation, says:
- “people… are worried that America is heading toward something like the Russian Revolution.”
7. Reid Hoffman, the billionaire founder and CEO of LinkedIn, was asked what % of Silicon Valley billionaires are preparing for a major crisis
- he answered: “50%+”

Why are all these people so concerned?
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