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Ходжа Насреддин - внучатый ученик Руми

Seydi Mahmut Hayrani
(d. 1268)
- Sufi mystic and follower of Mevlana Rumi
- born in Harran (now a village), Şanlıurfa Province, Turkey
- traveled to Konya, met Mevlana
- then moved to Akshehir (about 100 kilometres NW of Konya), where he lived & died

Famous satirical figure Nasreddin Hoca was probably a follower of Seydi Mahmut


Akshehir, a city up the Konya plain, Turkey

- was the Greek town of Philomelium
- hallowed by the tomb of Nasreddin Hodja
- beloved folk philosopher of the Turks and Muslims
--- delightful blend of sage and buffoon
--- now shrewd and now naive, now the teacher and now the butt
--- Nasreddin became the repository of all the wisdom and the humor of the folk


The Nasreddin's tomb is in Akşehir

- tent-shaped, based on columns
- repaired in 1905, by order of Sultan Abdul-Hamid Khan
- it's always "closed" by the lock on the gate
--- to express his witty disposition
--- cause the walls are open, surrounded by the bars between the columns


Скульптура - "Похороны Насреддина"

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