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гражданский арест

A private person (X) may stop and detain another person (Y) when

- the private person (X) has probable cause to believe
- that the other person (Y) has committed in his (X) presence a:
1. felony
2. breach of the peace
3. crime involving physical injury to another person, or
4. crime, involving theft or destruction of property

- explained Shea Denning, a professor of public law at the University of North Carolina
- in a piece written for the UNC School of Government blog in 2014

______________________ EXAMPLE _________________________________
А group of construction workers just did in North Carolina.
The blue-collar crew in Charlotte caught a thief, trying to break into a construction vehicle and steal tools.
In a form of street justice, the men taped the suspect to some nearby scaffolding until police arrived… and the aftermath was caught on video.

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