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Eliminate Rear View Blind Spots

1. Start by setting your rear-view mirror as you normally would.

- Then, lean your head all the way to the left so it touches the driver’s window.
- From that position, set your left side-view mirror so you can see the back corner of your car.
- Now lean the same distance the other way, and set your right sideview mirror the same way.
- Now, here’s what happens:
--- When a car comes up behind you, you should first see it in your rear-view mirror.
--- But as it passes you (let’s say on your left), you’ll see it move to the left side of your rear-view mirror.
--- And as its left headlight disappears from your rear-view mirror, it should instantly show up in your left side-view mirror.
--- There should be no delay. It should slip from one to the other, so you can always see it.

2. Left-Side Mirror Alignment

- Set your left-side mirror so, that as soon as the passing car's left, front headlight disappears from your rear-view mirror,
- it appears in your left-side mirror.
- You might need to make some slight adjustments to your side-view mirrors to make everything line up
- And pulling up next to a line of parked cars (to simulate another lane of traffic next to you) is a
good way to do that.

3. Right-Side Mirror Alignment

- Then do the same thing on the right.

4. End result? No huge blind spots

- Driving with the mirrors this way takes some getting used to.
- You have to learn to rely on your rear-view mirror first.
- And you’ll have to get used to what your side-view mirrors are now looking at.
- But, the good news is that your blind spot should now be gone!

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