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Elective dictatorship

An "elective dictatorship" (also called "executive dominance")

- is a phrase popularized by lord Hailsham in 1976.
- The phrase is found a century earlier, in describing Giuseppe Garibaldi's doctrines
- Hailsham used the term "elective dictatorship" to describe weak British governments

It describes a state, in which Parliament is dominated by the government

- the legislative programme is determined by the government, and
- government bills virtually always pass
- because of the nature of the majoritarian "first-past-the-post" electoral system
- in combination with the imposition of party discipline on the governing party's majority
- which almost always ensures loyalty
- Parliament may pass any legislation on any subject it wishes
- it operates without any restraints such as:
--- Constitution or
--- checks-and-balanced by other branches of Government


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