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an episode of great destruction has surfaced at least once every century

The list of well-known wealthy Americans who have recently begun preparing for a crisis is startling

- These are some of the most well-connected and well-informed people on the planet… and,
- if their recent purchases are any indication, they all seem to be preparing for a doomsday scenario.

I'm talking about guys like
1. Steve Huffman, founder and CEO of Reddit — an Internet firm worth $600 million.
- He's been hoarding guns, ammo, and enough food to last him for quite a while.
2. Peter Thiel — the billionaire co-founder of Paypal,
- recently bought a 477-acre lakeside bolt hole in New Zealand,
- where he will go via helicopter in the event of an emergency.
3. Venture capitalist Sam Altman
- bought a home there, too, as well as
4. billionaire hedge fund manager Julian Robertson.
5. Tech billionaire Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle,
- bought 95% of an entire island in Hawaii,
- along with an airline to transport him there.
6. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg
- bought a 750-acre estate in Hawaii too… "just in case"

Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of LinkedIn, estimates that:
more than 50% of Silicon Valley billionaires have bought some level of "apocalypse insurance"

- like an underground bunker.
- And it's not just billionaires who are prepping for these scary doomsday scenarios…

Our own government has survival bunkers, too

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