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каждый десятый молодой американец - бездомен

1 in 10 young adults has been homeless over the past year

People lying on the sidewalk catch the eye of a pedestrian in downtown Washington.

Hemmed in by low wages, pricey rental markets and family instability, more young people are

- crashing on couches of friends or acquaintances,
- sleeping in cars or
- turning to the streets,
--- a new study by a youth policy center at the University of Chicago has found

Researchers surveyed more than 26,000 young people and their families across the country

- to gauge how many of them had been homeless during some period of the previous year
- Their results were alarming:
- 1 in 10 people ages 18 to 25 had experienced homelessness
- For adolescents, the number was 1 in 30.
- nearly 3.5 million young adults and 660,000 adolescents had been homeless within the previous year

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