Ходжа Н. (hojja_nusreddin) wrote,
Ходжа Н.

аудиенц-зал пап-рептилоидов

The Pope’s Audience Hall

- also known as the Paul VI Audience Hall or the Hall of the Pontifical Audiences
- it lies partially in Vatican City and partially in Rome, Italy
- Named after Pope Paul VI and built in 1971
- by Italian architect Pier Luigi Nervi
- it contains a bronze statue called La Resurrezione, designed by Pericle Fazzini

русский: https://one-versus-all.livejournal.com/1155812.html
english: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/11/17/the-dark-secrets-behind-the-popes-audience-hall-its-a-giant-reptilian
Tags: архитектура, ересь, змей, психаложэство, рим, страх, христианство

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