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It’s Official, Study Shows Conservatives are More Attractive than Liberals

The science is settled and skepticism will not be tolerated

- No, we’re not talking about “global warming”
- the latest scientific declaration is something you have probably long suspected:
- Conservatives are just more attractive than liberals

- That’s what a study from two professors has concluded, essentially confirming
- what anybody who has ever seen Dana Loesch or Joanne Nosuchinsky already knew.
- But don’t quit your job to become an Instagram model just yet:
--- The study’s approach is deeply flawed, and
--- makes negative assumptions about conservatives
--- while giving them a backhanded compliment.

More attractive individuals are more likely to report higher levels of political efficacy

- identify as conservative, and
- identify as Republican, explained Dr. Rolfe Daus Peterson and Dr. Carl Palmar in the Cambridge University Press

Here’s the problem: The researchers also made the bizarre claim
- the only reason attractive people tend to be conservatives is because:
--- they overlook the less fortunate and
--- have easier lives.
--- The researchers claim that there is ‘good reason to believe that individuals’ physical attractiveness may alter their political values and worldviews', The Daily Mail reported.
- The scientists said in their study that attractive people:
--- have better social skills and
--- are more popular, competent and intelligent
--- due to something known as the ‘halo effect’
--- where an individual’s view of other people is altered by bias and stereotypes
--- But their beauty also makes them less empathetic towards those,
--- who find life a struggle, making them more likely to be conservative
- Yes, it turns out, that the study may be a thinly-veiled attempt to repeat the tired cliche of “mean conservatives”
--- who step on others and don’t care about anyone else.

There’s a major issue with that assumption, however
- Other studies actually show that conservatives tend to be more charitable, and
- donate significantly more to the less fortunate than their liberal counterparts.
- Arthur Brooks, the author of a book on donors to charity, ‘Who Really Cares,’
- cites data that households headed by conservatives give 30% more to charity
- than households headed by liberals,” New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof admitted in 2008
- A study by Google found an even greater disproportion: average annual contributions reported by conservatives were almost double those of liberals
- So which is it? Conservatives are both “less empathetic” and more charitable?
- Maybe researchers should actually compare notes before making sweeping claims

The study — which concluded conservatives are more attractive because their lives are so easy — has other problems

- “According to past research, attractive people have an ‘easier’ life and
- face less obstacles than other, less-attractive individuals,” summarized the Mail.
- This can often lead to a ‘blind-spot’ for attractive people
- where they do not understand or see the need for social policies to help the less fortunate
- Again, this stereotypical view of the right is disproved by just taking a look at reality.
- Consider, for example, famous conservatives like Condoleezza Rice, Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio.
- How “easy” did they have it?
--- Condi Rice grew up as a poor girl in segregated Alabama and can trace her lineage to pre-Civil War black slaves.
--- Ben Carson had a rough childhood growing up in the projects of Detroit.
--- Rubio, of course, was the son of poor Cuban immigrants who fled a dictatorship to start over in America.
--- They’re all good-looking conservatives, but it’s a bit of a stretch
- to pretend that they had easy lives and don’t understand what it’s like to be less than fortunate?

Here’s a more realistic possibility

- Maybe being a bitter, constantly offended leftist is actually bad for your health and appearance, and
- being confident, ambitious and proud of your country — like, say, a conservative — has health and attractiveness benefits
- Who’d have thunk it?

Finally, there’s another deep flaw in the methodology behind the study’s

- To come to this finding, the scientists took figures from the 1972, 1974 and 1976 American National Studies surveys
- that asked those taking part to evaluate the appearance of others, the Daily Mail reported
- Yes, it turns out that the research wasn’t done about modern “attractiveness” at all
- but the professors actually used nearly 50-year-old surveys from the Nixon administration to reach their results!
- Once again, a scientific “consensus” has turned out to be based on half-truths and skewed data
- If you cherry-pick and adjust any information enough, you can make it say almost anything.

Don’t worry, though: The part about conservatives being attractive is still undeniably accurate

- Just take a look in the mirror!

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