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даёшь дармовые тампоны!

A deranged cohort of female students at the University of Florida (UF) is demanding free access to tampons

- and other feminine hygiene products
– and they're doing so by painting fake blood on their clothing
- as part of a repulsive "bleed-in" demonstration

The disgusting display was prompted by a UF student government decision

- to deny using Activity and Service Fee funds,
- which are paid by both male and female students,
- for hygiene products "that would only benefit the female half of the UF student body"

This decision triggered a feminist campus group known as "Gatters Matter, Period"
- to circulate a petition demanding free access to tampons.
- Like typical leftist lunatics, members of the group basically threatened that if they didn't get their way
- menstrual blood could end up getting splattered on classroom seats and other common areas.
- "This is a part of reproductive justice," bleated a UF feminist by the name of Shannon Matthew,
- to the Alligator, UF's campus paper about the protest.
- "I'm not ashamed of my period, and I don't think anyone should be"
- Free tampons offered by UF's 'Field and Fork Pantry' aren't enough, squeal campus feminists
- It's bad enough that these feminists are somehow unable (or unwilling) to purchase their own feminine hygiene products
- as they demand that their fellow students foot the bill for their personal needs
- But reports indicate that UF already provides free tampons and other menstrual products at its "Field and Fork Pantry."

UF students are permitted to take up to 3 bags of free menstrual products per week from this pantry

- Each bag contains 8 tampons, 5 liners, and 5 pads,
- meaning individual students are already offered as many as 24 tampons, 15 liners, and 15 pads per week.
- But according to members of Gatters Matter, Period., this option is "too limited"
- They insist that more tampons, pads, and other products need to be handed out all over campus,
- presumably in baskets outside of every classroom, in the cafeteria
– heck, probably even in the men's locker room.

"Heteronormativity is rampant on this campus"

- whined Sophia Ahmed, another UF feminist and one of the organizers of the "bleed-in" protest
- who's convinced that even men need access to tampons.
- "Today I held a little protest for free menstrual products.
- If you saw my butt that was evidence.
- And I say menstrual not feminine because menstruation should not be gendered.
- Some men get periods," Ahmed added, in complete seriousness
- "Sorry to have to break it to you, but men do not have a menstrual cycle"
- commented a female reader at Campus Reform.

What's clear from this repulsive display of grotesque, in-your-face feminist angst

- is that UF (and many other campuses across the U.S., for that matter)
- are in dire need of increased access to mental health services
– and perhaps even an on-campus exorcist
- whose job it is to cast out the demons in people like Ahmed and Matthew.
- The unfortunate reality is that the inmates are apparently ruling the asylum at UF.

The student union is reportedly in the process of capitulating to the outlandish demands

- of Gatters Matter, Period.,
- with free menstrual products to be made available at the student union starting in February
- the funding for which is coming from an unknown source.
- student senators, Branden Pearson and Emily Dunson, are in the process of securing more funding for free menstrual products
- at other locations on campus as well.
- The pilot project will reportedly cost around $5,000,
- and is speculated to later include the expansion of about 60 gender-neutral restrooms

more news about campus insanity at CampusInsanity.com.
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