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NASA: People are born “creative geniuses” but get dumbed down by the US education system

Dr. George Land was contacted by the NASA and another expert named Beth Jarman in order to
develop a cognitive test to determine the creative potential of NASA engineers and rocket scientists
- After formulating the test, they gave it to NASA for it to be used, and
- it was found to be highly effective in fulfilling NASA's wishes.
- after that scientists began to study about creativity in the human brain:
--- where creativity comes from
--- whether it's a learned trait or inborn

They gave the highly specialized test to 1,600 children of 4 & 5 years old

--- 98% of them fell under the genius category
- then they tested 10 years old, mostly from the original set of test takers
--- only 30% fell under the creative genius category
- adults performed even worse at the test
--- only 2% recorded test scores that fell under the creative genius bracket

What exactly does this all mean?

- in a recently conducted TEDx talk, Dr. Land shared details of a study
- that concluded that people somehow lose their creative side because of the dull education system that they underwent


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