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за что славяне не любят евреев - историческая память

- Trade in slaves and captives was one of the most important
--- (if not the most important) sources of income of the Crimean Khanate
--- in the 16th to 18th centuries.
- The role which was played by the Jewish population in this process has still not been properly investigated.
- Nevertheless, written documents contain frequent references to the involvement of the Jewish population
--- (both Karaite and Rabbanite) in the trade in slaves and prisoners of war
--- carried out by the Crimean Khanate
- Despite their fragmentary character, the sources allow us to attempt to restore a general view of the problem &
- to come to essential conclusions regarding the role and importance of the Jews in the Crimean slavе trade

Slaves, Money Lenders, and Prisoner Guards:
The Jews and the Trade in Slaves and Captives in the Crimean Khanate

By Mikhail Kizilov, Merton College, Oxford
Journal of jewish studies, vol. viii, no. 2, autumn 2007

- Белые в рабстве у чёрных
: https://hojja-nusreddin.livejournal.com/4044587.html
- Рахдониты - средневековые еврейские работорговцы: https://hojja-nusreddin.livejournal.com/2224910.html
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