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‘Miss America’ Beauty Pageant Votes to Eliminate Swimsuit Competition - Won’t Judge on Looks

Всё - Америка кончилась! Мужики уронили бразды правления, победили уродливые, жирные лесбиянские лахудры. Дальше жыть незачем :(
The competition began nearly 100 years ago
- in Atlantic City, New Jersey,
- as a bathing beauty contest,
- designed to keep tourists coming to the seaside resort the weekend after Labor Day.

But it has run into resistance

- to the swimsuit, and
- to a lesser extent, evening gown competitions, that had come by some to be seen as outdated.

An email scandal last December

- in which former Miss America officials denigrated the intelligence, appearance and sex lives of former title winners
- led to a shake-up at the top, and
- the group’s top three leadership positions are now held by STUPID women.

“We’re not going to judge you on your appearance

- because we are interested in what makes you you,”
- Gretchen Carlson, a former Miss America, who is head of the organization’s board of trustees, said
- while making the announcement Tuesday on “Good Morning America”

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