Ходжа Н. (hojja_nusreddin) wrote,
Ходжа Н.

Incel (дрищ)

Incels (a portmanteau of "involuntary celibates") are self-identifying members of an online subculture
- who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner
- despite desiring one,
- a state of - as they describe it - inceldom.

Self-identified incels are mostly
- white
- male
- heterosexual
- have committed at least 4 mass murders in North America.

Discussions in incel forums are often characterized by
- resentment, misanthropy, self-pity, self-loathing
- misogyny, racism
- a sense of entitlement to sex
- the endorsement of violence against sexually active people

Liberastia describes the incel sub-culture as
- part of the online male supremacist ecosystem
- that is a member of the liberastia's list of hate groups

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