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Ann Coulter, "Putin Is Killing Millions Of Americans!"

I don’t know what Trump said during that 2 hours when he met privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin
- but like so many in the media, I know what I hope he said:
- "Mr. Putin, I need you to publicly admit your complicity in all our illegal alien problems"

Only if Putin owns up to deploying a vast network of Russian assets

- to personally direct the movements of millions of illegal Mexican aliens across the Sonoran Desert,
- through dozens of checkpoints and into our country,
- in fulfillment of his master plan to attack America’s financial viability, national security and future prospects,
- will the media, the Democratic Party and corporate Republicans ever emerge from their stupor and
- admit that we have a huge problem on our southern border.

Illegal immigrants have killed multiple times more Americans than Russia has in its entire history

- or could ever hope to kill,
- even with a well-placed nuclear bomb.
- But nothing will be done, unless we can prove Putin is behind it.

Our media and government want you to fixate on Russia’s annexation of Crimea

- as the big problem facing our country,
- hoping you’ll forget about the gaping hole on our OWN border.

I haven’t counted to see how many Americans died as a result of Putin’s reacquiring Crimea

- yes, I have! ZERO.
- Meanwhile, Mexican drug couriers kill more Americans every week
- than the Communist Soviet Union did when it shot down Korean flight 007 for flying into ITS airspace,
- which almost started a nuclear war back then.

Obsessing over irrelevant, unsolvable problems in remote parts of the globe

- is how liberals pretend they are intellectuals.
- North Korea, Syria, Russia — that’s what you’re supposed to care about.
- Not your own country.
- Only Walmart shoppers care about their own country.

It would be as if in 1939, as the Nazi threat was looming

- British newspapers discussed nothing but the bushfires in Victoria, Australia.
- How many died? Do they need our help? What shall we do? Where does the prime minister stand?

With Russia, liberals get an extra bonus of bludgeoning Trump over his nonexistent collusion with Russia

- our greatest enemy since very, very recently.
- At least no Democratic president ever publicly embraced a Russian dictator,
- while handing him all of Eastern Europe at Yalta,
- so the left’s conscience is clear!
- Actually, no.
- Until all the Roosevelt statues come down, liberals need to settle down about Russia.
- At least Trump isn’t calling Putin “Uncle Vlad” and
- giving him one-third of Europe, as he is being allegedly advised by two Russian spies.

While I’m sure Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea were a grave threat to every man, woman, homo and child in America

- Putin should also be held to account for the rape and murder of thousands of Americans on our own soil every year,
- as a result of apparently unstoppable illegal immigration.
- (Who knew a wall was such an inconceivable engineering feat?)
- Where else to lay the blame for this monstrous attack but on Putin
- the most evil man since Hitler?

True, liberals have spent decades lobbying FOR a never-ending flow of illegal aliens
- But that shouldn’t be a problem.
- They also spent decades defending Russian dictators.
- Abandoning every position they’ve ever held to attack Trump is standard operating procedure these days.

In addition to Trump’s not challenging Putin to a fistfight in Helsinki

- the media have gone bananas over the fact that he cited the findings of our intelligence agencies
- but then added that Putin denied the charges.


- Moral equivalence!
- Treason!
- High crimes and misdemeanors!
- Kristallnacht!
- Trump might as well have trampled on a portrait of George Washington.
- (Or, since we’re talking about liberals, Stalin.)

But the way I remember it, elected Democrats — even Democratic candidates for president — have criticized our intelligence agencies pretty ferociously

- particularly regarding the Iraq War.
- The media turned that clown Joe Wilson into a national hero
- for ridiculing the findings of our intelligence agencies...


: https://caitlinjohnstone.com/2018/07/19/lying-bigot-james-clapper-assures-world-the-russia-narrative-he-built-is-legit/
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