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Ходжа Н.

цэтаткa о добрых намерениях ЦРУ: "перевороты для народа"

TH: Speaking of election interference, you write candidly in your book that the U.S. has long tried to sway foreign elections, where it had an important national interest, and you even cite a study of 81 examples.
How do you square the current outrage over Russian manipulation of social media – which is kind of a tame practice compared to some of the things that the CIA did?

JRC: I guess the way I think about that is that through our history, when we tried to manipulate or influence elections or even overturned governments, it was done with the best interests of the people in that country in mind – given the traditional reverence for human rights.

"... когда мы пытаемся повлиять на выборы в других странах, или даже когда мы хотим свергнуть чужое правительство, мы делаем это в интересах граждан этих стран..."

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