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Как ХодорOK отмывал краденые шэкели

Finance & defence consultant Karon von Gerhke-Thompson
- has given a detailed account of the CIA operation to a congressional committee investigating Russian corruption
- the investigation began after she was introduced to Alexandre Konanykhine
- who was close to then Russian President Boris Yeltsin
- 'He represented himself to be the US vice-president of Menatep Bank, owned by Mikhail Khodorkovsky'

Konanykhine needed her help to
- set up an offshore bank for Menatep
- buy 100 passports for 'preferred clients'
- He also wanted 15 diplomatic passports 'at any cost for very, very special clients of Menatep'

- 'He wanted to establish the bank and obtain the naturalised passports from a Latin American or Caribbean country
- that offered unrestricted [transfers] of capital and stringent bank secrecy laws'
- He wanted the passports to 'enable Menatep's clients to travel freely into eastern and western European countries to manage their assets & business investments'


- Ходорковский - вор или политзаключенный?
: http://maxpark.com/community/537/content/661124
- "ПРЕОБРАЖЕНИЕ ХОДОРКОВСКОГО": http://lebed.com/2013/art6357.htm
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